Before building your own spring, please browse our selection of common residential torsion springs on the torsion spring product page.


If your desired dimensions are not listed, please indicate your requirement for each of the fields below for Wire Gauge, Inner Diameter, Spring Length, and Spring Wind.


Once you submit your request, we will contact you back within 1 business day with a quote and delivery estimate for your spring(s).


Determine whether you need to install a left wind spring, right wind spring or both left and right.

Left wind springs are installed on the right side of the garage when looking from the inside and right wind springs are installed on the left side.

Note: If you have two springs, both should be replaced to ensure proper balance on the door.

Determine inner diameter (ID), usually equal to 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", or 2-5/8" for residential doors or larger diameters like 3-4+" for industrial doors. 

The inner diameter can usually be found stamped on the existing spring winding cone.

Note: If your gauge is not listed, visit our Custom Torsion Spring page to build your own spring.

Measure total "coil to coil" length of the unwound spring to the nearest inch, not including the spring cones.

Note: If you think you need stronger springs, you will likely need to increase both the wire gauge and length to maintain the same lift and torque rating.

Measure 20 coils to determine wire gauge or "thickness of the wire."

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