Garage Door Extension Springs

All DURA-LIFT® garage door extension springs are manufactured from oil-tempered spring wire meeting ASTM A229 and are designed for a minimum of 10,000 door open and close cycles. Double-looped ends are standard on all ​DURA-LIFT® extension springs.

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DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 90 lb Door Weight (Light Blue)

$19.99 MSRP


DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 150 lb Door Weight (Red)

$26.49 MSRP


DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 110 lb Door Weight   (White)

$21.99 MSRP


DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 160 lb Door Weight (Brown)

$27.99 MSRP


DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 130 lb Door Weight  (Yellow)

$23.99 MSRP


DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 180 lb Door Weight (Gold)

$29.99 MSRP


DURA-LIFT Extension Spring 140 lb Door Weight  (Blue)

$24.99 MSRP


DURA-LIFT 10-Foot Extension Spring Safety Cable (2-Pack)

$12.99 MSRP

Double-Looped Garage Door Extension Springs

All DURA-LIFT® garage door extension springs are manufactured with a "double loop" connection type.


Most extension springs for garage doors have a single loop that is more prone to break over the life of the spring. Two loops puts less stress on the connection point coils so they do not snap off as they age.


How to Determine Your Garage Door's Weight 

Weighing door.jpg

Looking for a Different Weight Capacity?

Listed above are the common residential sizes of garage door extension springs. If you have a need for a different weight capacity we have those too! Please contact us by clicking on the button below.

To measure the weight of your garage door, disengage the springs and place a mechanical bathroom scale under the middle of your closed door.

  1. Place door in the open position (so the springs are not under tension)

  2. Disengage the garage door opener

  3. Unhook spring from punched angle assembly

  4. Manually lift door and place scale under the middle of the door

  5. Purchase appropriate garage door extension spring weight rating



Extension springs are under extreme pressure and should only be handled by experienced personnel who have been trained in the proper procedures, tools, and safety measures. Improper use could result in serious injury or death.