DURA-LIFT® garage door bottom weather stripping features 100% EPDM rubber to improve bounce-back and flexibility for up to 5x better performance compared to the standard PVC plastic installed on most garage doors.

These garage door seals keep their shape longer, keep unwanted pests and precipitation out, and reduce energy costs year-round! Available in rolls of 9-feet and 17-feet.

Garage Door Bottom Seals


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$19.99 MSRP

Nail-In Foam Rubber Garage Door Seal

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100% Rubber Weather Stripping 

DURA-LIFT® garage door seals are made of rubber. 100% EPDM rubber provides premium bounce-back and flexibility to ensure the maximum amount of seal on the bottom of your garage door. By nature, rubber has more elasticity, allowing it to maintain its shape, structure, and sealing ability up to 5x longer than vinyl garage door seals.


Vinyl garage bottom seals flatten quickly and crack over time. This allows for water, wind, and pests to enter your garage.

Keep your garage door closed without worrying about unwanted weather and pests entering your home with DURA-LIFT 100% rubber bottom seals.


Vinyl Weather Stripping

1 Year Rubber vs. Vinyl Seal Test


Garage Door Seal

Superior Insulation & Weatherability of the DURA-LIFT® Garage Door Bottom Seal

The DURA-LIFT® garage door bottom seal provides long-term insulation and protection from extreme weather elements such as wind, rain, snow, dust storms, and shifting temperatures to keep the inside of your garage staying dry, comfortable, and clean.

Upgraded Garage Door Bottom Seals Keep Unwanted Pests Out

Fortify your garage against rodents, insects, spiders, snakes, and other unwelcome wildlife from entering under your garage door.

Garage Door Weather Stripping With Industry-Leading Ratings

The DURA-LIFT® garage door bottom seal is approved for a temperature range of -60°F to +290°F, tensile strength: 1500 psi, elongation: 550% maximum.

Garage Door Bottom Seals Help Reduce Energy Costs

Installing a garage door bottom seal with effective weather stripping properties helps maintain consistent temperatures in the garage by preventing both warm and cool air from entering or escaping through the garage door seal.

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DO NOT adjust, repair or remove springs or parts which springs are connected, such as steel brackets, cables, woodblocks, red-colored fasteners, or other parts of the counterbalance system.

Adjustments or repairs must ONLY be made by a trained door systems technician using proper tools and instructions.


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