Garage Door Installation Kits

DURA-LIFT® garage door kits include premium parts to upgrade old or install new for both 8-feet and 16-feet wide, 7-feet tall garage doors. 


DURA-LIFT® garage door hardware will make your garage more sturdy and operate quieter.


16' x 7' Garage Door Premium Hardware Parts Installation Box

$69.99 MSRP


14-Gauge, Wide-Body Hinges & Brackets

All DURA-LIFT® kits include 14-gauge heavy-duty, #1, #2, and #3 hinges. The thicker 14-gauge steel improves cycle and load ratings, especially for high weight doors.

The 3" wide body hinges and brackets help support rollers better and results in smoother door operation.


3" Width


Premium Nylon Door Wheels

Wheels included in Tune-Up Kit (DLKTU167)

The DURA-LIFT® 16 x 7 Tune Up Kit includes ten 2" nylon 6200Z bearing rollers with 4" stems. This roller is rated at 150,000 cycles for (110 pound doors).



Wheels included in Installation Kits (DLK8 has & DLK16)

The DURA-LIFT® 16 x 7 and 8 x 7 Installation Kits includes ten 2" nylon 11-ball bearing rollers with 4" stems. This roller is rated at 55,000 cycles for (110 pound doors).



How to Install DURA-LIFT Garage Door Installation Kits

High-Quality Fasteners

DURA-LIFT Installation Kits include all of the fasteners required to install the included parts, including self-tapping screws, lag screws, carriage nuts and bolts, and tap nuts and bolts.



High spring tension can cause serious injury or death. Do not attempt to remove, repair, or adjust any springs, any red-colored fasteners, cable or the hardware to which the red-colored fasteners are attached. Removal, adjustment, or repair must be