E900 Hardware brand parts are direct replacement parts for Holmes-type garage door lift hinges and springs used on tilt-up doors that use jamb-type garage hardware.


One-piece garage doors (also referred to as tilt-up garage doors, swing-up garage doors, or the affectionate "California Knee-Knocker Garage Door") are largely popular in states like California, Arizona, Nevada, etc. where extra storage is required in the garage due to the lack of a basement. The single panel door allows for a low headroom clearance and thus the availability for extra shelving above the door in the open position.

Many installers push customers towards new sectional door installations because the one-piece garage door style is not as common as it used to be in the 1960's, 70's, etc. 

But we provide all of the replacement parts required to get your single panel garage door opening and closing like new. Watch the video below for a complete explanation on how to install the lift hinges, connectors, and springs for a one-piece garage door.


There are 3 different connection types for one-piece garage door springs: plug-end, lock-end, and clip-end. The difference 


Plug-End Extension Spring


Lock-End Extension Spring


Clip-End Extension Spring